New Aeotec Z-Stick Now Available (fixes RPi 4 direct USB connect issues)

Hi all. Just an FYI.

I’ve been working with Aeotec engineers on the New Z-Stick Gen5 that fixes the problem with the current Z-Stick not being recognized by the Raspberry Pi 4 when connected directly to its USB ports. The workaround has been to use the Z-Stick plugged into a USB hub attached to the Pi.

I can confirm that the New Z-Stick Gen5 works directly connected to either the USB 3 or USB 2 ports on the RPi 4. Specifically, I have a 4GB RPi 4 running HA 0.111.4 on HASSOS 4.10 off a 64GB SD card.

What’s even better is that we were able to backup the old stick and flash the new stick with their existing backup tool, making the transition painless.

It will take some time for the New stick to replace all the inventory sitting on shelves, but I was told that even though there is currently very limited supply, you can purchase the New Z-Stick Gen5 directly [here].(

The units are visibly identical, with the only difference (at least in my copy) being the addition of the word “New” in front of the Z-Stick Gen5 name on the back of the device.


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I have one of the new sticks and can confirm that it works great with a new Pi 4, and OpenZWave.

The only difference I see in the packaging and the stick itself is the addition of the ‘+’ in Gen5+. The model number, ZW090, is the same. It is on Amazon under a new listing here.

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