New AM43 Sensor integration question

Just recived A-OK AM43 blind motor and immediately tried with new ESPHome AM43 Cover & Sensor integration :muscle:
And have some questions. Maybe someone have figured it out:

  1. Solar panel doesn’t charge motor battery. Even direct sunlight. Do I have a broken AM43 or not?
  2. Does motor have only 1% minimum step by Bluetooh? By buttons on the motor case I can make small steps, seems 0,1%.
  3. As I understand it, the bluetooth connection is persistent between AM43 and ESP board. Doesn’t it drain motor battery faster?

I don’t suppose you ever worked this out? My AM43 blind motor does not charge from the solar panel either, even though the panel appears to be providing 12V (I measured it with a voltmeter).

Received two more AM43 motors. The situation is the same - unfortunately batteries don’t charge from solar panel :frowning_face:

Just connect on demand [AM43 blinds control through MQTT - #119 by akrigator](https://from here), of course it produces delay when you switch it via remote switch/button, but it extremely useful if you handle it automation

Does it save battery?

My drivers live upto 3 month with daily open/close automation and plugged solar panel

It’s definitely better than mine - two weeks.
Thank You! Will check your configuration!