New and Confused!

I’m new to Hassio. I’ve been using SmartThings and webcore for a while and have enjoyed my time tinkering so much I thought I would move up to the big peoples tool.
So I’ve installed Hassio to a Raspberry Pi 3+, set up Samba and SSH and just about to do duckdns as practice and to get used to the new beast. I then thought ok I’m liking this but how do I connect my zigbee and zwave stuff? Good question - as I can seem to find a Zigbee and zwave usb adaptor for sale anywhere in the UK!! I thought maybe I can connect SmartThings directly to Hassio - maybe I can but I can’t find any configurations that doesn’t mean sticking it together with glue and a middle unit and a handful of luck!!

Can anyone please point me in the correct direction of what I should be doing next please?

Havent done it myself. try to links below.
Looks like you use MQTT to connect HA to Smarthings.
You can also just get zigbee or zwave adaptors (but you already said not available in UK)

FYI: Maybe you can take a look on my first post about my first baby steps to HA:

Thanks for you help. I’ll give them a go as soon as I can get the wifi working. I have a windows 10 pc and trying to follow this guide but its not working for me. Any suggestions as I’ve checked and checked to ensure its all correct. Or should I open this in a new form post? Thanks

Use the official documentation?

I don’t understand everyone’s desire to use unofficial and often times out of date information, when the official website covers 99% of what you need to know