New app notifications node red

Both my wife and I’s iPhones have auto updated to the latest HA and now I am having trouble figuring out notifications via node red. I followed the guide and deleted the old iOS integration. Now I see two Mobile App: iPhone integrations (one for me and one for the wife). One shows my wife XS and the other my 11, but when I try services under dev tools it only shows “**notify.mobile_app_iphone” **How do I specify which one gets notified?

Apparently only one iphone registered the notify service.

Unfortunately that needs a restart of HA after the onboarding to happen. What you should do is force close the app on the non-registered iphone, restart ha, open the app and it should register the notify service. Might tale a couple of seconds or you can try going knto app settings \ notifications and clicking on import to trigger it (Not sure that really triggers something but it worked for me during beta testing).

Thanks I’ll mess with it but I just put my old .ios.config file back and my old notifications seem to work with new app. Under integrations I see two “mobile_app_iphone”. And once you click into them you can see multiple sensors (battery, device tracker, etc) but when I go to node red i chose domain notify and service doesn’t show mobile_app_iphone. It just shows the old iOS options. Maybe I did something wrong. I’ll go over the directions again.

Ok I think I figured out part of the problem. On both iPhones under General >> About the name is “iPhone”. I changed mine and re-setup the HA app and now have two different mobile_app devices under integrations. Node red still does not see either as options in the drop down menu, but if I manually enter them the notifications work. Maybe node red needs an update?

Update: restarting node red now populates both in the drop down menu.

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