New Aqara door sensors connection problem with zigbee

Once you realize that the addon and the stand alone version are having different strategies regarding updates, this is easy to understand. Speaking of myself it took me weeks to gather and understand all the information that finally brought me to enlightenment. Especially differentiating between Conbee, Deconz, Phoscon, Firmware and Software wasn’t easy. And when I recap after having learned these things now, it seems that many people sharing their knowledge on the relevant places don’t know better sometimes.

I too did like you.
Unfortunately it is not possible to update the add-on and, therefore, we have to wait for the new version which was scheduled for mid-December but still nothing.

I am sure there’s a reason for the delay :slight_smile:

Just upgraded the addon to 6.11.1 which finally bumped deConz to 2.13.4 but pairing E1 door and window sensors is pointless whatsoever. Can anyone confirm?

Yes, same on my installation which uses deConz official addon

I’m wondering if “standalone” installation will help somehow?

I finally paired them. You will have to do it in DeConz and not in Phoscon.

In DeConz head to the menu, click on Panels and activate control:

In the control tab you have a DDF tab a Pairing tab. First you check the Bronze option and activate hybrid mode in the DDF tab:

Then you switch to the Pairing tab and activate join permit. Now hold the pairing button of your Aqara E1 door & window sensor for like 5 seconds until a new node shows up.

That means it’s finalley paired and you may head over to Phoscon where the sensor should now appear in the sensors list. In order to make them show up in HA you need to restart the Deconz integration (not the addon).

Hope this works for you as well as it has for me.


Hey zahnweh, thank you for the details but sensors do not work on my side although they seem paired. their state is always closed. Do you have idea why?

Which installation of Deconz are you on? Newest version of Deconz 2.13.04 / 18.12.2021 should be installed and when you are using a Conbee stick it should have firmware 26720700 installed. To make sure I have the newest firmware I have installed native Deconz and updated manually. Given that everything is up to date on your side I have no idea why it doesn’t work.

How do you update conbee stick? I have already updated the others but do not knoe how or where to update conbee 2?

EDIT: Ok I also updated the firmware, I’m going to try to repair them again

EDIT 2: Everything works well now, Thank you again Zahnweh

Thank you Zahnweh - FINALLY I have mine working THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!

Good job!
Thank you very much!

Great to hear, guys! You’re welcome!

Many thanks - this has resolved the issue for me too.

I sang victory too soon!
I have 5 of these new door sensors: I have pair three very well but two keep flashing (3 quick and 1 normal) and I can’t reset them in any way.
I removed the battery by pressing the button simultaneously but it continues to flash as above.
I also managed to pair them in deconz but they immediately lose the connection.
I’m reading everywhere … but I’m almost thinking they’re broken.
It seems strange to me though …

How do you update the Conbee firmware manually?

Hi Zahnweh, thanks for your guide above!

I’ve had most success with this as the device is now appearing as OpenCloseX. However, when i go back to Phoscon, the device says “unreachable” and puts out a constant “closed” signal despite what state the sensor actually is in. Got any ideas for how to fix this off the top of your head?



What happens when you open / close it?

Nothing that i can see, unfortunately! The contact doesnt change state in HA or Phoscon

No clue I’m afraid :frowning:

maybe delete the node in Deconz and try to pair again.