New Aqara Human Presence Sensor FP1

Any news about it?
Will it work with DeConz? At least as a motion sensor without regions?

Here are some nice pictures of the pcb:
Aqara Presence Detector FP1 (RTCZCGQ11LM; lumi.motion.ac01): disassembly : Aqara (

The price for this sensor seems to be about 100€! If someone is interested in building a 60 GHz sensor as DIY, please left your words here:
DIY 60GHz Radar sensor to solve the nasty motion-sensor problem - Hardware - Home Assistant Community (

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Has anyone been able to try this sensor yet? I can’t find it available online anywhere.

nope. But I found this:

Perhaps also 60GHz, I dont know.

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that one is very interesting as well. I’d be really curious to see if anyone is able to get one of these and how well it works.

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It looks like that Tuya WiFi Smart Human Body Sensor is supported by the Tuya integration:

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Not necessarily, looking around Ali Express there are 2 human presence sensors. One of them is “enhanced infrared” and the other very clearly says it uses radar.

Review of it here

by ‘Everything Smart Home’


Can these differentiate between pets and humans?
I’ve always wondered why there isn’t an off the shelf sensor for detecting room presesnsce by monitoring objects passing through a door way. Like a laser line being broken and then height eliminates pets from being detected.

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It is now available on Aliexpress, but the price is quite steep at approx 100 EUR.

Thanks for the heads up, bought one to test but at this price will be hard to have a lot around the house :slight_smile:

already gone! 8 hours!!! dang

Ahhhh, also want one.
Any hints where we can buy them? (I am from austria)

Can’t find them anywhere on AliExpress


I have looked daily at aliexpress, once to twice a week they appear. Got one already at home and 2 more are on the way. But nearly 100€, they are really expensive.

Also looking at aliexpress daily.
But sadly not got a single one :frowning:

For Germany i can see three offers at the moment. Maybe it is different for austria?

Sadly nothing available at present on aliexpress…


You are my hero!!!
I have waited for this very long, since the sensor was announced at the beginning of this year.
With your help i could finally order two pieces.

I have looked at aliexpress multiple times a day, also today but did not found it.

So thanks a lot!

And does the device deliver what it promises?

Yes, for me it does. It recognizes me even if i am sitting still and only breathing, so this little movement is enough. I am using it for about 2 weeks and it does it’s job for 100%, i had not even one failure.
There is only one disadvantage, it takes about 5 seconds until it shows somebodys there. But since i have a PIR at the door this is not a huge problem, both of them together will deliver what we want.


Nice to hear that. Also some youtube videos shows the same experience like you said.

Do you using them with deconz?