New Aqara Human Presence Sensor FP1

This seems like pretty interesting hardware for some usecases like detecting persons in a room that are not moving.

Unfortunately requires mains power, but that’s probably unavoidable with this technology.




  • My ONVIF presence sensor on the living room camera keeps on stalling.
  • My ONVIF presence sensor stops detecting me when I am sitting still watching TV.
  • General PIR’s stop detecting me when I don’t move enough - eg sleeping / watching TV.

The second this becomes available in the UK, I will be getting at least one to see how well it works. The chances are, this will be USB / 5v powered.

The Nest Hub Gen 2 with Soli also uses the 60GHz radio frequency, and it’s exceptionally good at detecting me entering the room and even turning to look at it when I am in bed. So I can only imagine that this 60GHz human detector will be at least as good.

Sounds similar to the ultrasound detection capability already available in the latest echo dot.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a few years now :slight_smile: My experiments with the rcwl-0516 ‘radar’ sensor were interesting but the functionality turned out to be rather limited. If this sensor can distinguish between different definable zones, direction of movement and position then it will be a brilliant tool to make the home a lot smarter with a lot less effort.


The Echo’s ultrasound motion detection appears to be restricted to major movement.
Millimeter wave sensors should be able to detect much smaller movements and even a static person. Millimeter waves sensors should also be able to detect a person through partitions / walls which an ultrasound sensor can’t do. When I experimented with ‘radar’ sensors I would get false results every time somebody moved in the next room (a smart sensor should be able to define a room to be monitored).

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This is an instant purchase. Can I use the Chinese version without restrictions? Have there been any differences between the older Chinese and international Aqara motion in the past?

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I thought so too.
I’m planning to use it without an Aqara hub, but with a local zigbee coordinator, in my case Zigbee2MQTT.
Let’s hope for compatability there, but I assume it should be there since the protocol is Zigbee 3.0 as mentioned in the article.

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I saw this too and I’m hoping that either the Chinese one will work anywhere or they come out with an international one soon and that it can work without an aqara hub!

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For me this product together with Matter will probably be the biggest game changers in 2022.
I dream of a world where I don’t have to write a combination of automations using motion sensors, door sensors and humidity sensors just to control lights in my bathroom in a way that they don’t turn off when I am in the shower or sitting on the john. Ok I got it working nicely for 95% percent of the time but man this is a tough one to figure out.
I also dream of a world where I can play music on my Sonos in the bathroom and when I go to the bedroom and then kitchen the music travels with me seamlessly from Sonos to Sonos. Not sure of the later one can be solved by the FP1 but maybe in the future with UWB so the system can track me via my Apple Watch or AirTags. Next one needs to be precise person tracking in the apartment.
Just dreaming. Let’s see what 2022 brings us.

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I need to check on my Echo. But my guess is that it is not enabled outside US as usual. Here in Germany we don’t even have Alexa Guard yet. :sob:

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You can already buy them and set them up in the Aqara app. It looks great! But looks like HA support isn’t really there yet.

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Thanks for sharing that - it’s a really good overview of the functionality. This looks like it really might be an amazing sensor for so many applications. Hopefully, it becomes available for EU and US soon so that more people can get access to it!

Ok. So now I’m keeping an eye out on this. Would love to get this in EU. HA team…please make support for this asap! :smiley:

There seems to be partial support already in Zigbee2MQTT.
Zone support is stil missing.


Any news about it?
Will it work with DeConz? At least as a motion sensor without regions?

Here are some nice pictures of the pcb:
Aqara Presence Detector FP1 (RTCZCGQ11LM; lumi.motion.ac01): disassembly : Aqara (

The price for this sensor seems to be about 100€! If someone is interested in building a 60 GHz sensor as DIY, please left your words here:
DIY 60GHz Radar sensor to solve the nasty motion-sensor problem - Hardware - Home Assistant Community (

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Has anyone been able to try this sensor yet? I can’t find it available online anywhere.

nope. But I found this:

Perhaps also 60GHz, I dont know.

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that one is very interesting as well. I’d be really curious to see if anyone is able to get one of these and how well it works.

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It looks like that Tuya WiFi Smart Human Body Sensor is supported by the Tuya integration:

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