New Aqara Human Presence Sensor FP1

Thanks for mentioning Taobao. I had never heard of that site.

Thankfully the owners of my local bar are Chinese so I’ll get them to help me out with this.

I bought 3 from a different seller on Taobao yesterday, but it still needed to verify my Alipay identity info (despite having the account list late 2019, but not buying anything yet). The process thankfully took less than 24 hours they estimated. Before completing payment again, I searched again and was able to find this one pop up for 30 yuan cheaper than the one I bought! I cancelled the old order and ended up saving about 100 yuan after final international shipping estimates, and I expect it to arrive at my new place a little after I move in a few weeks. My total was $169.38 to the US.

Don’t forget to use a credit card without foreign transaction fees (if you have one)! That’ll also save some money I assume (haven’t tested with other cards, but I’m going to assume this is the case since it’s in a different currency).

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He’s built and compared a DIY version now too!

He references this thread.

Good coverage of the pro’s and con’s as well :+1:

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Kicked it off;)

It looks like that Tuya WiFi Smart Human Body Sensor is supported by the Tuya integration:


Forget Taobao, there’s a bunch back in stock on AliExpress and for reasonably cheaper! Bought 4 from this store for well under the price of my (thankfully failed) Taobao orders where I ordered only 3! Don’t forget the coupons on the store too if you reach the price thresholds!


Nice one, just bought 4 too! Thanks for the heads up.

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Anybody here have any success using the FP1 with another non-Aqara Zigbee3 hub?

I use mine with Zigbee2MQTT on a Conbee I, no issues here.

Zha should get support for this in next HA release. Dev got one today.

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Anyone have one of these with pets? Particularly cats since they jump around? My biggest challenge with presence lights is downstairs since we spend most of our time there and have an open floor plan with cats. There’s basically no place to put a motion sensor that’s cat proof which leaves me with even worse options for presence detection.

Curious if this device has any way to separate pet from human besides aiming it away from them.

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If you are having a ceiling fan then most likely this sensor is not for you at least for now, it pick up the fan movement, it will always keep the presence state as True until you switch off the fan. I have been trying to place it on different location and height but result still the same.

Mine hasn’t picked up my dog (a lab on smaller side) at all. And she spends most of the time in the same room as the FP1


FYI, a ZHA integration developer has draft pull requests for work in progress on Aqara FP1 support:

It depends on a quirk which is to be added to the ZHA Device Handlers (a.k.a. zha-quirks) library, see:

PR for Home Assistant core will add ZHA config entities for the Aqara FP1 sensor similar to P1 sensor:

For the Aqara P1 motion sensor, triggering time, visual feedback, and sensitivity are all configurable, ex:

PS: More ZHA discussion on Aqara Presence Detector FP1 (RTCZCGQ11LM; lumi.motion.ac01) here:


FYI, Tuya also has several “Zigbee Human Presence Detector” using similar microwave/millimeter wave motion sensor technology to that in the Aqara FP1 sensor.

See example Tuya product models: MSA050-Z1, MIR-HE200-ZB, MYQ-ZHFD02, MSA042D-Z1, MSA035-Z1, and MYQ-ZHFD01.

These are used for either smart human body presence (a.k.a. occupancy/vacancy detection), breathing sensor, or fall-down sensor.

PS: Note that all of those are listed for global worldwide sale, unlike this competing Aqara FP1 product.


I just received mine and added it in Deconz (as of yesterday its supported) and it seems to work, but so far only basic presence detected or not.

(edit) actually it seems to always show detected and never anything else regardless of presence, so doenst seem to work correctly at the moment

(edit 2) It does work, just with a slow response (as was already known.) Will try to measure how long it takes for the state to change.

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Been following Tuya for quite some time now in the mmWave space. I’ll be interest to read reviews as they are further distributed. Very interesting applications here for monitoring wellness / safety of elderly individuals.

How do we add those new config for FP1 to our HA?

I just got one of these. I have it hooked up via zigbee2mqtt. I am not too impressed. Getting a lot of false positives. The presence status says someone is there even as the presence_event properly tracked that someone left.