New base hardware - VM not cutting it

Hi all, I’ve been running Home Assistant OS in a VM on Unraid for a couple of months and it’s been… awesome. But there is an occasional loss of connection from the android app to HA, and occasionally the zwave messages just don’t make it through. I’m unsure if it’s related to the VM, the USB passthrough to the VM for the zwave and zigbee dongles, an underlying hardware issue, or the logging of states onto a disk image. 99% of the time it’s great, but the 1% is annoying. It seems to happen more when there is a lot of traffic, such as rotating an aqara cube for dimming instructions, or running a script that changes the dim values of 10-15 dimmers. I’m using 4 isolated threads from Unraid from a Xeon e5-2670 (obviously without quicksync) and 4GB dedicated ram. Neither processor or memory seems to be highly utilized, and I quickly gave up on video processing due to lack of quicksync. Bluetooth devices are a recent nortek - using only the zigbee part - and a zooz s2 using the 700 series chip. Both are passed through to the VM and working fine.

I’m thinking of changing to bare metal. My requirements are - over and above running HA - to run either Frigate or Zoneminder in a container with facial recognition enabled for 2 cameras, and motion detection enabled for all 8 - currently passing through two Hik NVRs with events and motion detection coming straight from the cameras.

I have access to an i5-6400 w 4GB Ram. I can throw a 128GB SSD at it really easily, and cheaply. For a high end installation supporting 35 zwave devices, 18 zigbee devices, and using 44 sensors from my Elk alarm, would this i5 be sufficient, or is there other metal that would make more sense?


I think it will be very sufficient with an i5 CPU. I have i5-6500t with frigate and 5 *1080p cameras and the CPU is used 11%.