New binary sensor device class

Please considder adding the following device class:

Capacity: on means Full, off means Empty

Bump. This would be a really handy device class.

What about a Capacity sensor with state showing % with icons showing %-levels?

That would be a sensor, not a binary sensor. The template sensor can do it now utilising the icon_template option. Though making it easier by including it as a sensor device class?

Yeah that too sounds like a good idea. You should create a separate feature request for it.

I think it would be much better if we could just use the textStateOff option and the textStateOn option. Both should be optional parameters. With that, you could use any text when the state is on or off.

  - platform: threshold
    name: CarDetectionGarageSensor
    entity_id: sensor.garage
    upper: 0.1
    textStateOn: In the garage
    textStateOff: Not in the garage

I’ve always thought just a simple Yes/No would be a good addition to device classes.


Yes, i agree that a simple Yes/No would be very handy.

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Would be great to have full/not full, and yes/no.

I agree, this would be very handy to show simple yes/no, open/closed, etc…

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I am voting for this change as well. Would simplify things quite a bit!