New - Build - Moving from Universal Devices

Ok I have an ISY 994, that is just having issues. So in the garage I found an old ITX PC. Specs are 16GB RAM, I5-4570, Micron M500 SSD 240GB.

Which is the best OS to run on an X86_64 platform. I assume some type of Linux?
Has any extracted the image from the virtual hard disk images, and try to run native?


Debian server plus ha supervised.

Has anyone tried booting from the vhdx using the windows bootloader???

My computer about same age, i running cctv + ha + backup software off it.

I had i5 cpu originally in it but it running at 100% alot of the time I sold it on ebay and bought an i7 cost me $40AUD the i7 cpu happily keeping up.

I run HA in Virtualbox VM on Windows 10 x64

Linux probably has lower resource overheads, but I prefer using windows 10 coz thats what i use everywhere else and i like to keep things simple for me.

Custom built desktop with i7, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD

Well over powered. I5 with 4GB ram is easily enough.

I don’t think so. Why would you? Just follow the advice I gave.

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If you want to run using a VM, use Proxmox, if not, do as Nick suggested and run Debian 10 + Supervised install. Installation guides for both in the community guides section.

I have run the Supervised version, and currently run Proxmox with 3 VMs on an old Dell Optiplex with an i5 2400 with HA, Shinobi, Plex, etc, so can vouch for the system you have being more than capable.