New build, stuck on "Preparing Home Assistant"

I am upgrading from an Rpi 4 to a NUC. I am using HAOS, will be adding zigbee, zha, and a few other accessories but at current only have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected to the NUC. I will be restoring from a backup when I get the machine to that point. I’m stuck on the “Preparing Home Assistant” screen. I think I had some DNS issues, I seem to come into that on every machine I setup, must be something with my ISP or router. I set a static IP for the DNS (first I did, then I changed it to for troubleshooting purposes) and I think I’ve gotten past that issue, but still wont load into HA.

See this pastebin link for my log output, I don’t really know what to make of it.

Not sure what the problem may be but there is another post describing something very similar:

Funny enough I believe I followed that exact post 2 years ago when I setup my existing Rpi4 server. I am not getting the errors described in this post, but for sake of being thorough I tried some of the commands suggested and none of them seem to work, I expect this 3 year old post is out of date just enough to not be useful, but I’m also not convinced that it would help my situation as I don’t have the “500 server error” message, I’m not really getting a clear error message at all, it just doesn’t load into HA.

Can you check your router to see if the Nuc is getting a DNS assignment?

I’m an idiot who missed a critical step in the guide you linked (which is why the commands didn’t work), It does appear to be working now.

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I’ve lost count how many times I’ve missed something. Glad you got it working.