New buttons on samsung phone called Tile Not Setup

Hey everyone… .been sorting some of those quick setup buttons (the ones that show up when you swipe down) and found new set of buttons all with home assistant logo and all titled Tile Not Setup
there are 5 of them… So far none of them does anything and i’m not sure how to set them up… any idea??

You can set them up in HA app, so you can run scripts and scenes from your topbar without opening HA app.

Thank you AdmiralStipe… makes sense… been looking inside HA App… cant find anywhere where i can do the setup… any chance you can point me to the right direction? would be greatly appreciated

In the HA App tap upper left corner (three lines) for the menu, select App settings, then scroll down(lower third of the menu), where it says “Quick settings” and right below it “Manage tiles”.
Of course you should update the app first - I believe the tiles are new addition in the latest version.

Thank you!!!

sorry guys docs update is still pending review :slight_smile: glad you got it sorted though

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Saw this too. Excited to play with it. Wish I could find a way to get it to toggle a set of lights. Would clicking a button programmed to a scene twice turn that scene off?

For some reason the 12 tiles remain in the state ‘Tile not configured’.
In HA app after setup a tile, I press ‘update tile data’ and I got a popup ‘data updated’ but even after a restart of the HA app or the entire smartphone, the tiles remain ‘not configured’ in the swipe down menu.
Any idea why?
Using app 2021.10.0-full and my Samsung S10e also has the latest software.

Did you move the tiles to the quick settings panel after setting them up?

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Thanks, I suspected once the HA updated the tiles, I could found them in the drop down tiles, but you are right, I had to move them to the quick settings to ‘enable’ them. Thanks