New Calendar Card

Hi all, i’m trying to use new Calendar Card with my Google Calendar account. I set up Google Calendar platform, all is ok.
But in my Calendar card i have this issue:

It’s normal to have only the events of the current week checked and the rest of the month events doesn’t appear? It’s a card limitation?
Only in the “month” view it happen…
Thanks in advance for your help

By default only 5 calendar items are retrieved by the Google Calendar integration. This amount is however configurable so you can increase this to a higher amount if you desire.

I have the same missing entry problem. Tried adding max_results: 30 to google_calendars.yaml as per the docs and got the following error on reboot:

Calendar Invalid Data: extra keys not allowed @ data['entities'][0]['max_entries']

When I look at google_calendars.yaml I find that a second set of calendars has been created identical to the first but without the max_entries line.

Interestingly the “Holidays in the United Kingdom” calendar has far more than five entries, visible months ahead. It’s my personal calendar that only has five, although recurring entries in my personal calendar appear every week/month indefinitely.

A bit confusing.

After a bit of trial and error…

max_results: xx should only be added to the cal_id of your personal calendar in google_calendars.yaml. If you add it to a Google-generated cal_id (like Holidays in the United Kingdom) it throws the error.