New cod.m ZigBee Coordinator from Germany (EU)

Hello there :wink:

Just wanted to tell you guys about the availablity of our cod.m ZigBee Coordinator with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB functionality.
It is available throughout Europe from our Webshop in PoE and non-PoE variants:

We are a small german company specialized in mainly open source hardware and general IoT, Web and Infrastructure development. Some years ago I started designing hardware for customers and open source hardware for our own Webshop (CC-BY-NC-SA, codmpm (Patrik Mayer) · GitHub). Maybe some of you know us from our WLED Controller (GitHub - codm/wled-controller: cod.m WLED Controller (Wi-Fi/WLAN)) or know me from Twitter (
We tipped our toes into the ZigBee world with some smaller Raspberry Pi pHat’s with a CC2538 and now CC2652. In 2022 we developed the first version of a ZigBee Ethernet Coordinator. You can read up on the history on developing our coordinator and what challenges we had to face in my Blog: Der lange Weg zum cod.m ZigBee Coordinator – allgeek techblog (german)

The new Coordinator is based around the ESP32/LAN8720 as many other coordinators. We use our own fork of the UZG firmware (GitHub - codm/czc-firmware: Firmware for cod.m Zigbee Coordinator) and try to give the self-developed features back to the community.
Currently using Koenkk’s ZigBee 3.x Firmware for the CC2652P7. Thread Support for that chip is planed and we will update the Coordinator Firmware with new functions from upstream or that we self develop.

Our Hardware is designed, produced and assembled in Germany. Including CE, WEEE and RoHS.
We also wrote a very detailed german and english documentation at Übersicht - cod.m Knowledge Base (DE) and Overview - cod.m Knowledge Base (EN).
Also we try to give our best regarding personal support.

Currently we are waiting for the merging of our pull request so that the cod.m ZigBee Coordinator will be automaticaly discovered by Home Asssistant: Add cod.m Zigbee Coordinator for ZHA by tsmt09 · Pull Request #115471 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

It would be great to get your feedback :heart: