New config flow for Lutron component

I’ve created and tested a config flow for the Lutron component and started a pull request. I can’t tell if the pull request is stuck or waiting on me to change something else?
Can anyone provide some guidance here?

The core devs won’t take any of my other changes until I add this, even though the docs are clear it isn’t required since the qualifying conditions aren’t met. And I can’t seem to get anyone to pick this one up. So I’ve got a ton of updates for the Lutron component ready for months now and can’t seem to get them in until this one goes in.
It’s really discouraging to work hard on something and then have it wasted.
Any guidance is appreciated.

Looks like a check failed. I’m not a dev so can’t advise on how to resolve it though.

ok, I fixed that issue. but it still shows as changes requested event though I’ve resolved all the requested changes. I’m so confused.

Try asking here:

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