New configuration tag: module


After playing a while with configurations in Home Assistant I feel that a really cool thing to add would be to help “modulize” the configuration. For example, think of this scenario:

I developed a Dishwasher scheduler “module”. It is composed by:

  • One slider to set the time (hour).
  • One input boolean to set it on or off.
  • One “group” that creates a nice interface on the UI.
  • An automation
  • A script that sets the dishwasher on (start dishwasher, set boolean off so it doesn’t repeat)

A big problem I have with configuration is that the whole module is spread around my configuration file. And I couldn’t, for example, have a file for this module.

My suggestion is to create a “module” tag. For example:

module dishscheduler:
  automation: ...
  group ...

What “module” does it, anything added in the child tags will be added to the end of their respective tags. For example, if I add an automation inside it, it will be added to the end of the automation tag in my configuration file. With this, I could have a file just for my dishwasher module.

What do you think? Imho, grouping stuff like these is more logical.