New controller

Has anyone had luck using Flux with this controller?

For me, it seems to only control on/off but colors and effects do not work. Also, the MagicHome app has 300 available effects, quite a bit more than the plugin displays.


I have a similar controller, I can turn it on and off and control the brightness and colours, but cannot control the effects. My config looks like this:

  • platform: flux_led
    name: test
    mode: rgb

After having a quick look at the flux light component, it looks like it only supports the effects listed in HA. (which are 0x25 to 0x38). in order for the effects to be added the protocol would have to be reverse engineered to figure out the effect codes that this new controller uses. Then the component could be updated.
I’ve had a quick look using WireShark and it looks like the app is sending a 6-byte code to the controller, the first byte is 0x61 (this is the same as the current component uses for the effect presets). byte 5 is always 0x0f which is the terminator and I think byte 6 is the checksum, byte 3 is the effect code and byte 4 is the speed, but I need to spend some more time playing around with it to be 100% sure. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time at the moment to carry on investigating, but will pick it up when I do and post the results here.

Ok, I had another quick play around with my controller and it looks like the bytes 2 & 3 are the effect code, it appears that the value is the effect number from the app with 99 or 0x0063 added e.g Effect 1. has value of 0x0064 and 300 is 0x018f. The speed is byte 4 the value is simply the speed in hex (0x00 to 0x64)

Great work, appreciate it.
I have also this addressable Led controller, and yes only works with setting it to RGB, and with it I can choose solid colors, but effects don’t work at all.
What do I need to do to implement your findings in to the flux_led competent?


The flux_led code would need to be updated and tested.

See for some progress in adding support for these.

Looks like i am facing the same issue, also had opened up a issue @ git