New core-2021.10.5 problem yet

The only version that works for me is core-2021.9.7.
All the other not work on some swith scene and script

If they are tuya devices, i suggest you take a look at the breaking changes for the 2021.10.x release

Where can i find them? there is a link?

2021.10.0: Z-Wave S2 support, Tuya, secure ESPHome and 400 new icons - Home Assistant (

Found Thanks

My devides are registred on smart life platform, it seems is not possible to autenticate in the new tuya integration! Any solution? Thanks

Smart Life works fine. What error do you get ?

I’m trying to reinstal tuya integration but ask for tuya ID secret etc… but i don’t have them, i have only login and password of smartlife platform

Because you have to create a project like the TuYa documentation clearly states.

Tuya 2 was a problem… the old project no longer work. You have to make a brand new project on the Tuya Lot website and unlink your phone app and relink with the new project before mine would work.

Right now I break Zwave JS when I upgrade Version from core-2021.10.4 to
Newest Version
Anyone else having Zwave breaking on the latest upgrade? I cannot communicate with any Zwave devices after upgrading. I am running Zstick Aeon

Plus I now have this issue with ESP Home and I have no clue how to fix this: 'Create configuration

Limited functionality because you’re not browsing the dashboard over a secure connection (HTTPS).’

OK done but now all the entities are been renamed… Fantastic i need 1 week to rename all!!!
Thanks for your help!

one other question i have for error created 2 projects on tuya is possible to delete the wrong one? i can’t find a way!

You probably have to be on HTTPS to use the USB Web Browser API. It shouldn’t affect most functionality. However IF you do have your Home Assistant instance configured to use https, then simply tick the “show in sidebar” box in the addon for ESP Home and then browse it via the icon in the sidebar, this will use Home Assistant’s “ingress” functionality and the site will be served over the HTTPS connection.