New custom component: France weather alerts from Météo France


I’m working on getting France weather alerts in home-assistant.
Last days we had a lot of issue in my area with thunderstorm, flood and landslides. So I’m really motivated to accelerate this projects.

I’m writting here to have some feedback. Are you intterrested? Are you using other weather sources?
According to your answers I will do a “Quick&Dirty” implementation or make it mature enough to be shared with the community.

For information I’ve already developped the python API: Vigilancemeteo on Github
And I working on implementing it as a Sensor.


Results of the first sprint for implementation.

Next sprint:

  • Add forecast update date and time
  • Add URL for geting more information
  • Bulletin synthesis converted to HTML format.


Hello !

I’m working on a Meteo-france component
It was released on the last version with multiple sensor for monitored conditions (temperature, rain forecast, etc)
I also submitted a PR for the weather card which is awaiting approval

I think the alerts could be a great addition.
This could be added as a new monitored_conditions and would use the postal_code configuration to guess the department



I’ve seen your component and was planing to reach you. You was faster than me :wink:
It’s a good idea. But I wondering if we should no use other existing component (compare to ‘weather’) as it’s seems to not be standard to include weather alerts in the other ‘weather’ platforms.

I’m thinking about geo-location component.
Let me 1 or 2 weeks as I have very few time spend on home-assistant. And we can discuss on the best way to integrate with your platform.


Hi everybody !

Thank you for your work, it arrives at a good time with the end of free api of Wunderground !!

I’ve got 2 request for you :

  • Where can I find the complet list of human-readable text summary of the current conditions ?
  • Do you plan to add the forecasted weather to this component ?

Thank you really for your work !!!


This looks good and I’ll give it a try.
It is a shame that humidity was not included.
I am using weather data to calculate moisture in the air and control my mechanical ventilation ( vmc) to pullin air dry air to my holiday home.
I have not yet implemented it as I am not yet confident on the external humidity data.


Hello, I would love to use your sensor for it’s french human-readable text summary but unfortunately my foreign city is not available. Could it be possible to add a european city with it own postal code delivered by météo france (ex: previsions-meteo-monde/londres/03772) 03772 for london.
It would be a great feature for French People living abroad.




I have a PR in progress which haven’t received review for a long time now.
It includes the ability to add sensors for any cities covered by meteo-france and the weather component.

I was quite busy and didn’t make much effort to get it approved but I will try to get back at it
I will keep this post updated


Thanks victorcerutti, can’t wait to use your sensors.