New custom component: Nextbike

As long as the citybikes component and API doesn’t support free-floating areas/bikes I will maintain this custom component integrating the Nextbike API:


Hi @syssi. Thanks for creating this component which I found today via HACS.
I can add a sensor according to your sample code on Git.
But unfortunately I fail on creating sensors with city id: 6

Any idea how to fix this:

  - platform: nextbike
    name: Nextbike Test
    city_id: 6
    latitude: 49.4479
    longitude: 11.0814
    radius: 800

It looks like the city_ids has changed. Nuenberg (VAG_RAD) is city_id 626.

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Works! Thanks for your help and for this component.

I’ve updated the list of city ids and added a hint how to lookup new cities.

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