New Dashboard Background Image Feature - Setup

I was excited to see a new background feature that applies an image. Unfortunately, I can get it to work. I select edit, choose background, upload my background pic and hit submit. But, no background image, even with a new browser window. Worse yet, I went back to the “background” tab and selected delete view to remove the saved image… BAD IDEA. I didn’t realize that deletes the entire dashboard page. I hope others don’t make the same mistake.

Not sure why, I didn’t know this was a feature but I just tried it and it worked. I’ll have to find the right kind of picture though. Didn’t like it with the one I tested.

I found that if you have a background image defined in your theme, and set your theme in the raw configuration file of the dashboard, it will override the background image set in the dashboard itself.

If you set the theme through your user, this image shows just fine.

It works for me.
And yes, to delete the image is confusing, you just dont give a path, apply and reverts to no image like before (save picture, select none and apply).

It is a new feature in 2024.6. There was something similar for areas, with crop feature.
Settings, areas, edit area.

That helps, thanks. I have a them listed in my configuration.yml file, wihch is blocking this feature.