New Dashboard Config Options

I would like to propose some additional options for the configuration.yaml file to target the Dashboards (both default ‘Overview’ dashboard and additional dashboards)


  1. Disable or hide / restrict the default ‘Overview’ dashboard
  2. Restrict additional dashboard’s to specific user’s or group
  mode: [off,storage,yaml] # 'off' disables the default 'Overview' dashboard
  # if mode is not 'off'...
  show_in_sidebar: true
  require_admin: true 
  visible: [ list of user's or group ]
  resources: []
      mode: yaml
      filename: ui-dash1.yaml
      title: Dash1
      show_in_sidebar: true
      require_admin: true
      visible: owner
      mode: yaml
      filename: ui-dash2.yaml
      title: Dash2
      show_in_sidebar: true
      require_admin: false
      visible: [ 'Balloob', 'Frenck', 'GAHA' ]

Just one additional motive for that: when you have lots of items to control (hundreds) this automatically generated page becomes huge and make the iPhone web page very slow (as it defaults to being the default regularly when it considers it’s on a a new device.

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