New default_view tab/view totally messed up all my tabs - why?

My original home tab had problems so I was working on a new tab to fix these errors. When I had it to a working state, I renamed my original Home tab and renamed my new tab to “Home” . I then removed the url “default_view” from from old tab and added it to the new tab. I moved the new tab to position #1 and the old tab to the very end of all my tabs. I then restarted HA and everything with navigation since then has been totally messed up.

If I edit the dashboard, I can see all of my tabs but this is the only way I can now see any tab other than Home. The new home tab is in the first position.

I added “default_view” to the url of the new first tab and it does open when HA starts

but I can’t see any other tabs. If I use the left arrow before “Home” it acts like a browser back - it takes me to the previous web page. The ONLY way I can see any other tab is to click “edit dashboard”.

What the heck did I do to so totally mess everything up? Help please!

I bet your “Tabs” are still in your “old-defaut-view” , and with all the “Tabs” you seems to have, i think you have misunderstood the concept of Multiple-Dashboards
The Default Dashboard, is Still the one you are using, but with a lot of “Vews/Tabs” inside it
And to be honest the Documentations, for Dashboards-Views/Tabs sucks big time, and not easy to get a grip on for beginners, Beside, it’s kind of “outdated” , and that is most like why you ended up in your current situation
PS: They call it “Default-View” , but it’s a Default-Dashboard, which you are still “having/using” in the end of your Tabs … You should Create a new Dashboard, copy as much as you like to it, And delete the rest.
Have you ever clicked the 3 dots, top/right corner, and then click it again , and choose “Raw Configuration Editor” ?
You can create A New Dashboard , in Setting/Dashboards

Thanks @boheme61 for taking the time to replying.

No until today I had never looked the the “Raw Configuration”. When I look at the raw config all my tabs do appear to be there.

When I create the new Dashboard, should I be copying from this raw configuration to the new dashboard? The only thing I would want to delete is the original home tab. I was just holding on to that until I got everything straightened out. Even though I had many tabs, it was really easy to navigate to the area I wanted to go to. I had only the cameras and several chips on the first page. I used the surveillance-card on the old home page and that wasn’t working well so created a new camera page to replace it.

I’m still not sure I understand how replacing the home tab messed everything up so much. Is that just something you shouldn’t do? One must create a new dashboard rather then create a new home tab?

Yes, but then you will also get the “parts” that have messed up the orig Default-View , so i would suggest you copy it all to a Text-Editor , i.e ( notepad++ ) , and then create a New Dashboard, and pick/copy from the text-file , part by part , Or

  • Create new Dashboard , choose take-control, start with blank
  • Copy/move the cards you have in your “new default-view” to this new dashboard
  • Then this parts( if you chosed to “Move Card” ) will be "removed from the orig Default-View(Dashboard)
  • Save it ( the new and the one you moved the cards from )
  • then continue like this, and watch your old “default-view(overview-dashboard)” will grow smaller :slight_smile:
  • And to be honest, dont use so many Tabs ( Depending ofcause how much you have in these “Tabs” )
  • Get use to have Dashboards ( in the left(main) menu ), with max a handful of tabs, i.e related to this particular Dashboard

Thank you so much. It will be so nice to have everything back to working order again.

Yes , leave the Default-View, either empty, or use it with “Care”
As you’l notice in /Settings/Dashboard it’s a "system-page(View/Dashboard), you can’t delete it, and can’t even choose “only Admins” (click on the “overview” in there and you’ll see)
I use it, as an “overview” only, no (important Switches/Lights/Cams or the likes, which anyone can get easy access to, as for some reason this is to be “open” for all who enter the “Default-View”