"New device discovered" message with 0.69

I’ve just update Hass.io to 0.69 and now I have a tile with message: “New Device Discovered. We have discover a new device on your network. Please Check it out” with a link to Configuration/integration section.

In this section I have a new zone item.

I’m not using zone feature currently. Is it link to the message ?
How to avoid this message on reboot ?

I have the same, would like to know how to get rid of it.

Same here, New device discovered reminder appears on every restart

Yep. I also have this happening to me. A new zone has been detected. I have not added any new zones.

Yes and on 69.1 too

I’m seeing this too on Hass (Ubuntu) 0.69.1. Did not have this with 0.69.0.
When I click on “Check it Out” I get two dialog boxes:

  1. “Configured” showing:
    Philips hue new
    Integration: Philips Hue Bridge
    Added by: import
    State: loaded
  2. “Available” showing
    a) deCONZ - Which I don’t have. Why is this here?
    b) Philips Hue Bridge - What’s difference between this and one already configured?
    c) Zone - Not sure why this is here as I don’t have zones configured.
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Me too since 0.69.0. Hope for a fix soon.

Anyone reported this issue on GitHub?


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I dont believe this is a bug but a new feature
its listed in the changes for 0.69 and a github PR here

I already have zones configured (4 total), and I get this message as well. Any way to hide this?

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Why not. But My Hue Bridge is already configured, I don’t have DeCONZ device and don’t use Zone feature. So I expect to have no new notification. There is perhaps a bug in the implementation.

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I also have this. The Integrations page shows that I have “Philips hue” configured (which is correct), but shows the following as Available, but not configured:

  • deCONZ
  • Philips Hue Bridge
  • Zone

I’m unclear on whether the configured “Philips hue” and the unconfigured “Philips Hue Bridge” are the same thing or not, and whether I should be removing the former and configuring the latter. I’m also using zones, so I’m unclear on what the unconfigured “Zone” is for. And I didn’t even know what deCONZ was until this message appeared, so I’m pretty sure I haven’t added any new Zigbee devices.

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Same issue here

According to the discussion on Github the workaround is to set in the configuration.yaml instruction to ignore the auto discovery for philips_hue devices

  ignore: philips_hue
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If I already have a hue on my HA setup, will this cause any problems. Also what about ‘zone’, can that be added to ignore? I did not see it in the documentation for discovery

Great! For me, this also got rid of the deCONZ and zones as well and thus no more “New Device Discovered” message showing up.

I Have the same behavior

so this should work. Can anyone confirm if adding Hue to ignore, will require me to manually add hue somewhere else for it to work

    - deCONZ
    - zones
    - philips_hue

Also, at least for me, deconz and hue were always there under expermintal components, but it was not until this 69.0 build when zones popped up, and when the notification on the front end appeared.

So, at least for me, I suspect the zones is what is causing the notification, not the other items

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From what I have understood the notification is a new feature and way to implement it is still a work in progress.
I have hue set up in my configuration.yaml file. So still working after ignoring the philips_hue component in discovery.