New device discovered message

After booting HA and logging in via its web interface HA shows a message" new devic discovered. " When I select message link the tuya and Zigbee panels have highlighted config buttons. When I select Zigbee config but, the message returns “Zigbee Home Automation
Failed to probe the usb device” Any suggestions on where I should begin looking on this issue please.

It is a USB sonoff zigbee 3 dongle plus HA is a virtualbox machine in Windows10. The dongle is visible in windows on Com3 and the drivers are loaded

same message using a Nortek USB Dongle. What i did was pulled all dongles, dropped all usb except the Nortek HUSBZB -1 and when the system restarted found HUBX Zigbee and Hubz Zwave

using these i was able to rebuild both formats., even though I am still having issues with battery powered sensors under zwave. For me sucess came taking it slow