New Devices Discovered

Since 0.69 I’m seeing a new panel saying “New Devices Discovered” and clicking on it takes me to this page.43

I can’t configure any of them besides “Zone” (which I don’t know what it does).
So question is what has it really found?

It is a small issue that hass announces that it has discovered hue which have already been configured

Thanks, then I’ll just dismiss it :slight_smile:

A work around would be to do

    - philips_hue
    - deconz

It would help if it better differentiated devices e.g also by IP. Although removing known ones would work too.
I have several Hues showing but I don’t know which is which, not all have actually been added so I can’t tell which still to add.


There might be a need for a bit of refactoring in how config entries work in order to solve this