New devices exposed to Google Assistant unable to be used as routine starters

I previously had an input boolean that was used to trigger a google routine. For some unrelated issue, I decided that it might help to disconnect HA from Google and reconnect. Upon reconnecting, I can no longer use this input boolean as a starter for a routine. With further investigation, I found that new devices also cannot be used as a starter. I feel I’ve tried everything at this point, I’ve created a template switch, new input booleans, added new physical switches. No new devices are allowed to start Google routines.

Note that these new devices, input booleans, and template switches do show up as devices in the Google Home app, but they cannot be used as routine starters.

Anyone have any ideas on what else I could try?

I know I’m in the minority here when it comes to using HA to trigger something in Google Assistant, but using this method for notifications to Google Nest devices was previously the best way I found. I know there are other scripts and add-ons to try to trigger notifications, but I’ve found none of them to be as good as using the “Announce” feature from the Google Assistant routines.

Does anyone have any ideas here on how I can get this fixed?