New devices from Legrand turns up in HA as HomeKit devices?

I installed a number of Legrand devices, remotely controlled through their cloud platform, along with a new Netatmo Weather Station. Then out of the blue these new available devices were discovered:

Obviously I cannot configure these as I have no Home Kit paring key and I have no idea where or how to obtain one - in fact, I don’t think I even know what Home Kit is, apart from being som kind of an Apple product - which I definitely do not have.

I could of course just ignore these, but then - how do I integrate these devices into HA, which I’d love to do - one way or another.

Please help

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The devices support Apple’s HomeKit protocol so they can be discovered using this and used via a local integration instead of the cloud one.

There should be a product key printed somewhere on the devices.

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Yes! I found it - and it works. Thank you so very much :+1:

Did you managed to connect the Netatmo weather station to Home Assistant via the HomeKit controller? Does it work locally? I saw in the homekit controller integration that the weather station was found. However, when I entered the homekit key, no device appeared.

When I added the Weather station to Homekit, it turned up in my local Netatmo integration.

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Sorry what do you mean with local netatmo integration? I tried to add it with the homekit controller but after I entered the code no devices appeared somehow.

Well, I was perhaps a it quick to answer. You see, I have two instances of Home Assistance and I have Netatmo Weather Station with the outdoor satellite module in both places (one in Spain and the other in Norway), in addition to 4 Netatmo cameras (one indoor and one outside in each place).
I have the Netatmo Integration installed in both instances, but since Netatmo only supports one “Home” at a time (you can have several and switch between them, but not concurrently), so I decided to use HomeKit in my Spanish location.
When I scanned the QR-Code of the camera and the Weather station, they did show up in that HomeKit integration and at the same tiime they appeared in the Netatmo Integration in my Norwegian location, so that way I can see both my local Netatmo devices as well as my remote devices in my main HA instance.
But if you only have one HA instance, there’s no reason to use HomeKit Device integration. You should instead use the Netatmo Integration.
If youwant those devices to show up in HomeKit you have to use the HomeKit Bridge integration and not the HomeKit Device integration.

Thank you for your explanation butI don’t think we understand each other. I have the Netatmo integration, but it works with the cloud. I managed to get my thermostat from the cloud to local using the HomeKit controller interface. I also want the same with the netatmo weather station.

Aha, so you want to “de-cloud” all your Netatmo equipment?
I don’t know how to do that. I don’t even think it is possible…

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Yes, exactly. I think it is possible because I think that is what integration is intended for.

Interesting! Please keep us (me) updated with your results. If it is truly possible to “de-cloud” everything, then I too like to know how.