New dialog for garage cover gets not displayed


with Home Assistant 2022.04 new dialogs for covers were introduced.
I want to use them with my garage cover sensor, but don’t get it running. I always have the percentage-view.

Actual state:

Target state:

tile card:


  • type: cover-open-close
    type: tile
    entity: cover.garagentor_links
    show_entity_picture: false
    vertical: false

KNX sensor:

  • name: “Garagentor links”
    move_long_address: “7/1/1”
    stop_address: “7/1/2”
    position_state_address: “7/1/7”
    device_class: garage

sensor debug info:

current_position: 0
device_class: garage
friendly_name: Garagentor links
supported_features: 15

do you have any ideas?

thanks in advance!