New dlna intedration in 2021.10.1

hey all
after reading “breaking changes” to the new V.10 and realizing the DLNA integration that i was using so far is changing into a UI interface, i thought the reconfiguration will be easy.

now, after finishing the upgrade to 2021.10.1, i realized that i have zero idea on how to do just that…
“foobar” was my player so far (and kodi, and some others), and any help on reconfiguring the new DLNA platform would be appreciated.
I know the ip’s of my computers where foobar, or other dlna players are running, but now clue on how to do add them back to my HA.



Discovery for DLNA was turned off as in most cases there is a better option, like in your case the Kodi integration.

To use it anyway, go to the Configuration / Integrations page and click Add Integration (lower right).

Search for and add the DLNA integration.

hey tom
thanks for answering so fast.
you are correct, of course, as far as the kodi integration goes.
however could you shed some more light as to “what do i need to put in as url” for other dlna devices like foobar, or jriver (i’ll be happy to switch if you have more compatible pc players to recommend) ?
prefix? port? special syntax i might be missing?

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I don’t believe there are integrations for those other players so DLNA would be the go.

I don’t know what the URL and other settings would be, Google may help you find the setup instructions for each player.

understood, thank!
that’s what i was unsuccessfully trying before reaching out here…

Im affected with this too.

I have a NEDIS wireless DLNA capable player, which worked fine until now.
As it is not really common, I’m not able to find any related info.

I’m stuck also now, don’t know, how to make it work again… :frowning:

I hear you man :slight_smile:
hopefully we will find a little more info as to how the new integration works.
maybe someone will have better luck\knowledge oh how to to make the magic happen soon…

meanwhile, other than KODI, can anyone recommend another windows-base-suitable-dlna-programs with good working integration for HA?

Actually I do not understand, why someone decides to turn the discovery off, when it worked fine for dozens of people…

Because it did not work fine for others. This was answered here:

Basically it’s my fault for raising the issue with discovery and Daikin. It was the straw that broke the camels back.

The beta release that removed it was even named after me.


To be fair I did offer just to remove discovery from my system:

If you had been on the beta version test program you would have had a chance to protest this.

i doubt anyone is blaming you…
just not really sure as to how this new integration communicates with DLNA compatible devices i have on my network (is that’s even an option now…?)
if anyone could clarify it some more - that would be great

Kind of you to say.

It comes down to discovery not always working well for everyone.

I did a bit of searching and the port foobar2000 media server uses by default is 56923. The URL will be the ip address of your PC.

right. No blaming from here too. I just now need a hand to get my device working again…

Have a look at the media server settings in your device to see if you can find the port number it is using.

My Vero4K Kodi box is using port 8080.

In the previous version it was possible to turn on autodiscovery for dlna as option under discovery setting in configuration.yaml. But if I read in this thread the new UI configuration doesn’t offer that option.

Why was it released at this stage when it doesn’t offer at least the same functionality?
This side effect was also not documented as a breaking change.

And most surprisingly the documentation of this integration doesn’t mentioning anything about a URL that you need to provide for each device and how you should get that.

Of course this is not how you should configure this at all in UI… you should be able to:

  1. pick from a list of devices that were autodiscovered
  2. all the autodiscovered devices are automatically created but turned off by default. And user can manually enable the devices that he needs. Similar as how some router integrations, like FritzBox, handle device discovery.

I really wonder how this unfinished component could have passed all quality control gateways in the release pipeline…

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This is all, I can find. No ports mentioned. So it gives me the feel like cracking a keylock with 5 digits. That will take a year to find the winning number…

It did have it initially but it was tuned off as I said above: New dlna intedration in 2021.10.1 - #2 by tom_l

I think removing the whole change from the release would then have been a much better decision.
And then rethink and redesign the solution for next month release…

i cant seem to make it works even for kodi - where the port, and ip are well known - and after making sure that it does work from a browser…

i think this new DLNA integration works differently

There’s a setting for DLNA control that must be turned on in Kodi.

ohh i know…
it works gr8 from other DLNA controllers i have on my network… just cant make it work with the new integration