New Generative voices for Amazon Polly?

Any way to get these integrated?

Any way to get a link to useful information for the request?

Yes, people can probably search for that information. But should they have to do that?

Requests should include as much information as possible so the people doing the work don’t have to.

This request does not do that!

How do you suppose I do that? Amazon Polly is already an integration, they just have new generative voices.
News report I guess…

Yes. Try news reports. Anything helps.

If it is already integrated, then … umm, it is already integrated.

If you are asking for … more integration, then, yes, give more info.

Really, give as much info as possible as opposed to as little info as possible.

Like I said, they have new generative voices. That is all. Would like to see them added.

This post changes nothing that I have said.

Thanks for it though!