New Google Wifi / Sonoff Issue

I just changed to Google Wifi and have everything up and running on Home Assistant except for my Sonoff basics. They have been flashed with Tasmota and have been working with MQTT on my old router but now Google Wifi does not recognize them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Did you tell your sonoffs that you had a new router, and presumably a new password?

Thanks for the response nickrout. This is exactly what I need help with. I am unable to communicate with my sonoffs with the new router. Please tell me how this is done? Thanks

I just upgraded my modem/router for faster speed but found it lacking in coverage hence I went with Google Wifi. When that upgrade happened I had to reconfigure my sonoffs to different ip’s which was simple as I could look them up using Now I have no idea how to find them and hook them up with the new router and new password…

Anyone? Is this a difficult issue?

You’ll need to connect them to the old router and then change the wifi details to the Google wifi.

They should switch to broadcasting on their own access point if the WiFi is unavailable (the one it is configured for) So connect to that using your phone and you will get access to the web gui and can configure them for the correct AP.