New groups to display either all active or all inactive automations

It would be very useful to have 2 groups that would display all active or all inactive automations.

Currently, I can use the group.all_automations to see a full list of all the automations I have on the front end. It becomes very cumbersome to scroll through them all to find which ones are active and which one are not.

A simple solution to this could be to have 2 new system groups called something like:


This way, instead of displaying the All Automations group, I could display the all active and the all inactive and quickly identify which ones are enabled and which ones are not.

Or, another option would be to group the automations, in the all_automations group by first active/inactive, then by alphabetical order. This way, the active ones are together and the inactive ones are together.

If there is any programmatic way to currently do this, please let me know.