New guy here with 25ish device HA install with hardware reviews... UPDATED after being in use for over 2 years and now 70ish devices


Thanks a lot … You are a life saver … Your configuration worked once I converted it to syntax compatible to latest version of HASS. Following is the configuration that worked :slight_smile:

  usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0
  config_path: /srv/homeassistant/homeassistant_venv/lib/python3.4/site-packages/libopenzwave-0.3.2-py3.4-linux-armv7l.egg/config
  polling_interval: 40000
  autoheal: False
      polling_intensity: 1
      refresh_value: true
      polling_intensity: 1
      refresh_value: true
      polling_intensity: 1
      refresh_value: true

@kvjajoo Happy to help. The refresh_value: true setting has helped resolve delays with status updates for my Linear Bulbz and the relays as well as my Schlage Connect Lock and my wall plug. I’ve basically added that value to anything that was giving delays or not ever updating the status.

Rob would you mind providing a bit more detail on how you accomplished this. I have two Schlage Sense locks currently hooked to my iPhone. I just bought my first set of Hue bulbs, Echo will be here tomorrow, and some Ubiquiti cameras next week. In finding your post it gives me great hope that I won’t have to sell these Sense locks and can somehow bridge to them through HA. Regards…

Be aware this will drastically reduce the battery life in a lock; which normally just wakes to notify on a change. By polling these devices I’ve had 40% battery use in 3 days.

They key to get a homekit only devices to be controlled by HA is through the homekit automation. The steps I would take are

1) Setup HA with a switch called lock,  it doesn't have to actually do anything when switched.
2) Setup homebridge so that the switch.lock is seen on your iphone in homekit
3) Setup a Schlage Sense lock in homekit.  I called mine back door.
4) Setup homekit so automation works (2 factor authorization) and a ipad / ATV as a hub.
5) Setup 4 automations in homekit 
        a) when back door locks,  turn on switch.lock
        b) when back door unlocks,  turn off switch.lock
        c) when switch.lock turn on,  lock back door
        d) when switch.lock turn off,  unlock back door

You will now have a switch you can control in HA that locks and unlocks your sense and shows status. Do the same for the second sense but use different names. Watch what you call the lock as Siri and Alexa don’t like lock or unlock as an action. They do like, turn on lock, turn on back door.


To clarify, I didn’t change anything with polling intervals etc… only refresh_value. My lock has been in use for more than a month and still at 99% battery.

Is this because polling_interval 40000 or because of polling_intensity: 1 ?

I have problems with a NEo Coolcam motion/light sensor. The motion sensor is ok. The light sensor does not get updated.

What would be a good code to get better updates?

refresh_value: true
or polling interval only for that sensor value (how?)

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