New guy question: Path to HA www on Mac install

Hi all - Simple question that I can’t believe I can’t find on my own…

I installed HA onto an old mac mini and so far everything has been going well. I’m trying to set up and it talks about copying two .js files to the www folder.

What is the path to this folder on a mac installation? It is not currently in a venv but I plan on moving it to a docker setup soon, but for now it’s a local pip. I have some sysadmin experience and have struck out trying to find HA’s www folder in the usual file paths I’ve seen before.


You need to create www folder in the .homeassistant folder. Then restart Ha to make www folder visible for HA.

lol wow, I figured it had to be something simple. I just assumed it was using one of the common www paths for a *nix install.

Thank you!!!