New HA blue password reset

Hey Forum
totally newbee here.
I have recieved my new HA blue and already i have forgot my password.
Is there a way to factory reset the blue, so I can start from the beginning again?

Regards Lillelars

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Hello Lillelars,

I’m in the same situation and also a newbie. Did you figure out a solution for this?


You can reflash the emmc but it’s probably going to be easier to reset the password assuming you have a keyboard and monitor to attach to it.

Once you do so you will see the ha cli with the ha> prompt.

Enter auth reset --username "YourUserName" --password "Your New Password"

To reflash completely using a USB cable, the instructions are here:

Please help me.
The only thing I see in the console is:
Welcome to Home Assistant
home assistant login:

What should I do?

auth reset… reply with Error : Unknown error , see supervisor

You would then enter “su logs” to see what the supervisor shows