New HA setup - how to avoid wifi / zigbee / rasberry interference

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Hi all, i plan to make a HA setup with r4pi (with a zigbee dongle), several sonoff wifi switches (two 4ch pro+few mini r3) and put the devices in the large (say 500x500mm, but could make it larger) in-wall media box along with router, ethernet switch and dc ups.

What I can see until now is that is smart to move the zigbee dongle with a cable few meters away, but I can’t get info about wifi devices interfering each other or r4pi, although in the mini R3 manual sonoff issues some vague advice that devices shouldn’t be close to each other (nothing on how close, how many devices etc).

What would be the correct setup - my intention is to to group as many devices which don’t interfere with each other in the same box which would be kept under the key.


To add even more detail - r4pi will be on ethernet, but I am considering upgrading it with ssd with x862, and that connects to USB3.0 (which is an EMI radiator) - so how can that in turn affect router and sonoff’s?

Best as mention by Hedda, invest in an Ethernet connected Zigbee Controller … there is still some common “weird” terminology in regards to Zigbee Controllers ( like dongle or stick), to understand the importance of a Zigbee Controller use the word “Controller” that gives you a better perspective upon HOW important a device it is ( specially as most soon will be upgraded with “Matter” support )

Absolutely an Ethernet Device, with the flexibility that comes with that in terms of localization, and as a fact in any other way Always think that if an IP device can run over Ethernet that’s whats best ( 2.4Ghz is already crowded everywhere, AND 1 single old WIFI-g Device makes life a hell for your router/switches, our network wont be faster than the slowest “point” ( in general )
Beside there are lots of Topics in here in regards to your question, use the search function, and Google gives you alot more if you search upon WIFI frequency/interference/etc.

" which would be kept under the key " what do you mean ?

ALL WIFI devices interfere with each other , it’s as simple as 2 persons walking on the same path, 2 cars on the same road etc, so …
IF your intention is to “Group as many” No-one but you will have the answer to your question, depending upon the devices… stuff as many inside the box until you experience (for you un-acceptable) interference / heat

And as most common iot wifi device runs currently on 2.4ghz …include that in your google search with your zigbee USB3 CPU etc etc