New HA user, couple of issues

Hi all, new user, and i have just installed HA on a Rpi4 and have most things up and running except two things i cant wrap my head around, nor find on Google:

1: i have a radio that i can only control the volume on via HA, according to this thread: HA support for Argon iNet2+ radio - #4 by KjetilS there is a solution with just two commands, my problem is that the first command contains “apt-get” and the SSL client will not accept apt-get. Any ideas where i can use that?

2: i have a Wiz smart plug, but after installing HACS and the Wiz integration i get an “unknown error” trying to add the plug, it says i should use “wiz-” prefix and the last 6 symbols on the MAC adress, but i just get the unknown error. I have tried full and partial MAC and IP with and without prefix. Any takes?


Anyone knows?