New HAOS install created a 11gb swapfile resulting in no space left to restore a backup

I believe this is a bug as I’m using a Fujitsu S740 to run HAOS and it has 4gb ram. But still the HAOS installation with Ether resulted in a 11gb swapfile and therefore causing a 92% disk usage even with a fresh HAOS install.

In onboarding, I tried to restore the backup but I didn’t get any error messages but it clearly didn’t restore.
Backup size is just 16mb but I believe the reason it fails is that there isn’t enough space.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I will now research how to reduce that swapfile. I’m a newbie with HAOS and also kind of newbie with linux.

I could see the swapfile using a live Ubuntu USB.

I tried following this guide, and failed to install the Advanced SSH & Web Terminal as I don’t have the free space.