New Harmony Remote Card

I am happy to announce my new implementation for Harmony COMPANION Remote control.
Please have a look:

Configuration options you find at GitHub - dezihh/my-harmony-card: Not another Remote Control for Logitech HARMONY COMPANION

You can import this url in HACS Repo and can install it
Have fun! :slight_smile:


for me it does not work

Thank you. This is exactly what I am looking for. However, two questions that I cannot seem to find answers anywhere.

  1. The channel number only works for single digit. 2 or more digits not working correctly, at least for me. For example, channel 10 will take the first digit from the keypad and the second digit will be ignored. How do we program correctly for this?

  2. How do we map the keys from the picture to other devices. Can you provide all the key names on the picture and give an example how to map to other remote keys.