New HASS authentication scheme is a nightmare

My Hassio install was perfectly stable until the new authentication scheme went into effect. This is mainly a rant but that is not documented well for the average user and it has broken multiple other things. At this point I still have figured out how to get iOS notifications working again, it took me literally hours to figure out where my configuration.yaml was failing. Node-Red now won’t talk to Hass.

My Hassio hasn’t worked properly for months now. I get this in an open source project but I believe that major changes like this that cause big problems need to be documented clearly so people can figure out what is changing high level and then fix it.

Thing is they are documented, in the breaking changes.

I know, it sucks.

The iOS app, and Node Red, will be using the old api_password entry as they’ve not (yet) been updated for the new auth. As long as you’ve got that set, and not defined auth_providers or auth you should be fine.

If that’s the case and you’re having issues, pop over to the Discord server and you’ll find people who can help you get things sorted.

Helpful, thanks. I managed to get Node-Red going again by just SSHing into my Pi and deleting the old Node-Red dir and then doing a resinstall. Go figure. On the iOS notifications I am still struggling so I guess its off to discord to figure that out.

Where in breaking changes can I find those docs? Anybody got a link? Thanks for pointing out forsquirel