New images, based on HassOS


I had to restore after the mess that was 79.0 and the repositories weren’t automatically added this time, however all the third party add-ons were. They’ve definitely changed something.


are you able to install aeon z stick gen5 on HASSIO, and how do you do ?. Only hassio.
Or, end with HASSIO and start with hassbian.


Yes, check your HW configuration and add the lines to your configuration.yaml file.

  usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0

You can check your HW config from Hassio > System > Host System > Hardware
On a Pi3, Mine shows both AMA0 and ACM0, I have always used ACM0.

When you go to add devices, do not remove the zwave stick and use the button, but instead, use the HomeAssistant menu "Configuration > Zwave "to add nodes. If you are using zwave plus devices and want secure connections, then you also need to set your network key and select the “add node secure” option.

  • serial:
    • /dev/ttyAMA0
    • /dev/ttyACM0