New HASSIO ssh question

do you guys know how to access the Pi3 again via SSH not the new SSH but the old SSH where you can run sudo and install packages… I Needed to install other packages like pihole and etc…

Im currently running resinos-hassio-1.1-raspberrypi3.img… I’m able to run the add on SSH but i prefer the old version so that i can do more stuff

Dear Jaysix79,

To my understanding this is not possible under and you need to revert back to hassbian or AIO installations.

I am still switching from the one to the other. has the ease of install (when it works) but you loose the flexibility.

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An interesting topic on this subject: Should i move to

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Follow these instructions:

You still won’t get full root access like a standard OS - I believe that is impossible with ResinOS. but this debugging SSH session does allow you to access docker commands directly as well as other high-level functions.

I’m switching back to the old ways… i like the old flexibility

now the question is where is the old hassbian instruction or the AIO

For hassbian

And for AIO