New helper SUM of entities

I would like to have new kind of helper which sums up other numeric entities for example power or energy. It is possible to make such an entity using configuration.yaml but it would be nice to have it in the GUI. In GUI you could select specific entities and create a new one whish is a sum of them. Such an entity sum can be used to group energy usage for rooms or for an UPS. Thank you.

Would " Add Riemann sum integral sensor" suffice for your needs? Check out documentation for this helper.

I’ve checked documentation of Riemann Sum but as far as I know it provides integral based of one source. What I need is simple addition, sum of few sensors in example few power sensors under one UPS to provide total power of UPS, or add up power of three phases for total power consumption. Can it be done under GUI?

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It can be done - you will need to create a template sensor that will add up the inputs from other sensors. In case you are not familiar with templates, here is an excellent video to get you started.

Home Assistant Templates - A Beginner's Guide - YouTube.

I know that such an entity can be coded into configuration.yaml this is how I solved my use case.
What is my feature request is possibility to create helper to create sum of other entities.
What you propose is using templates which are not graphic user interface solution, and besides video doesn’t cover such an entity.


I just created a template to sum up various entities. I came here to suggest a SUM helper be added. It was relatively easy for me to do in yaml but if the goal of Home Assistant is to get away from yaml I think this could be an important feature.


It would be great to have an helper for other math functions also. Like trimming decimals etc.
Now for example the energy dashboard creates energy_cost sensor which has 15 decimals. Would be great to just simply create a helper to trim away extra digits and so on.