New here: Automation and Script UI do not list recently created items

Hi everyone, looking for some help here. I recently installed and have all my devices connected and working correctly. I am attempting to use the UI to create automations and scripts. When I try to create an automation, it appears to save but the UI does not list the previously created automation. However, it does appear in automation.yaml. The same behavior happens for scripts. I have the below error in my logs after creating a new automation. Any help would be much appreciated as I’d like to be able to use the UI to maintain automations and scripts.

remove:Group 'all_automations' doesn't exist!


`- id: '1578147883484'`
  `alias: test`
  `description: ''`
`  trigger:`
  `- event: sunrise`
   ` platform: sun`
  `condition: []`
  `- entity_id: light.dining_room`
    `service: light.turn_on`