New Home Assistant Hardware, NAS + PFsense Router Build + software suggestions


Am wanting to do a new build of home assistant for our new house. I know the hardware well but would like some advice for the build-out.

Currently, I need 2 things, something to run home assistant, NAS and other services.
The other is a PFsense box as a router (IPS + 3 VPNs). I would like both to be rackmount able as they will be going into a rack.

The computer needs to run:

  • plex with transcoding at least 1 4k stream (but can stream 3 streams of 1080p/4k at the same time)
  • Blue iris with deepstack AI 4/5 cameras
  • Home assistant itself
  • NAS 4 drives raid 5
  • pi-hole recursive DNS
  • some headroom for future growth.

I was thinking of a half-sized 2U case with an ITX board and a Ryzen 5700G (seems to perform well for these kinds of tasks with the built-in GPU). Do you think its strong enough for the above?

Was thinking of a dedicated card but prices are crazy for those currently, so might be a future thing. The case would need space for 4 front bays for Hdds. Il put an SSD on the front of the raid for cache.

The PFsense box Id like to be rack-mounted, 1/2U in size, be able to deal with 1Gb of traffic and run an IPS in the background and VPNs (wireguard or open vpn). Ideally, it has a gold or better PSU. kinda struggling to see anything for this.

So set up will be:

Pfsense router - Omada POE switch (powers camera/contoller/APs etc) then the pc will be connected to this.

Any advice let me know!

If you have advice on other services, I might be interested in that could fit with the above wants, let me know!