New Home Assistant/Smart tech YouTube channel

Hi all,

I have recently launched a new Smart tech channel, with a primary focus on Home Assistant, but we do cover other topics too. I’m posting partly to get people to take a look but also to ask for any suggestions for topics that people would like to see.

The channel is called Smart Home Addict, and it is located here.

I would appreciate any constructive feedback.

We also have a website here.

To avoid cluttering the forum, any new videos I’ll post in this thread.

Thank you for reading.

Latest video (09/03/2023):


You now have 11 subscribers :slight_smile:

Looking forward to watching the proxmox stuff.

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Latest video released earlier this week:


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Nice videos!

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I’ve just released a new video. I look at a few ways to back up Home Assistant

I was interested to watch your video about installing influx and grafana, but then I lost interest when all you did was click on install.

Looking forward to you showing us how to actually use them :slight_smile:

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It’s on my list to do, I did film some clips on how to use the addons but the video was over an hour long. I felt this needed a video all on its own so will release this in the next couple of weeks.