New Home, need advice how to integrate Xiaomi environment with Pi4 hassio and Google Assistant

Hello, I’m buying a new flat and want to start buying stuff, the things I need to work is:

Al(90%)l to be in Xiaomi environment(zigbee) and to work with Google Assistant(my wife use smartdisplay and voice commands), so what should I buy to get that to work with my pi4 hassio installation?
I’m in europe.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

Well, any of the three Zigbee integrations will do what you want for the Xiaomi side:

deCONZ is relatively stable and mature with its own UI. It can run in an add-on, in a Docker container, or natively. Known working devices are documented, and how to request support for a new device is documented too (you can’t add unsupported devices yourself).

zha is actively developed as part of Home Assistant Core, using the zigpy stack, the UI also being part of Home Assistant. There is no list of supported devices, as any standards compliant device should work. Devices that require extra support are listed, and adding unsupported devices is documented (you can’t add unsupported devices yourself).

Zigbee2MQTT is very actively developed and can run in an add-on, in a Docker container, and natively, with no native UI. It uses MQTT for control and configuration, but there are third party UIs. The known working devices are well documented (which usually includes how to pair them so you don’t have to find the manual), and adding unsupported devices is also documented.

You can also use the Xiaomi hub, but I’d recommend one of the three above.

For Google Assistant you’ve got the paid cloud service ($5/month), or the free google_assistant integration that requires you to set it all up manually.

If I use deConz or any other can I get access to the devices in my Lenovo Smart Display? with the google_assistant integration?

Sorry for being annoying, but I only used Zigbee2MQTT for sensors and all my lightswitch, bulbs and other things were from sonoff and tuya with integration by cloud so I had them in google assistant and homeassistant. So for that I should use Xiaomi hub? orrn I work around that?

I use Xiaomi with Xiaomi HUb and Aqara hub, connected via Nabu Casa.

Have you checked Nabu Casa? You can use Zigbee2MQTT for all zigbee devices from Xiaomi and Aqara, without a hub, and use Nabu Casa to sync these devices with Google Assistant (Google Home). That’s the simplest route… i think.

On a second note, if you have a Xiaomi or Aqara Hub, these entities will directly show up on your Google smart display through cloud connection by linking your Mi Home or Aqara Home account with Google Home - if that’s what you are looking at.

But can I start with a Xiaomi Hub connect it to HA and Google Assistant and then with time migrate to conbee and get rid of cloud services?