"new" home server, whats the best route for my goal? Host, VM, Container, Docker?

So I want to update my server. Its about time. I have been mostly out cold for some time now with the long covid stuff that kept catching up with me, basically since 4/2020, but finally I seam to get some progress in recovering… well thats OT so back to my issue, just background for why I am where I am, I usually am up to date with my systems, if your not throug that vally you have no clue how that alters ones mindset toward finageling with sofware and how the family will handle your totaly undocumentd documented and mostly finageld stuff when your gone…

Its a HP Micro Gen 8, I am happy with CPU and RAM (thou RAMs once in a while a bit tight)

I currently run the last OMV that did support VBox “out of the Box” via OMV Extras as Host OS.

Main job of the machine is file server where I do need easy to setup and detailed access control, what I got from OMV compared to QNAP, Proxmox and other Systems I did try back then (about 8 years or so ago), when I started with that machine.

Yea I know its dated, but it does its job quite well and with low round the clock consumption and almost silently. I got cold backup with my HP DL380 that does not have the files, but has a link to the rsnapshot machine I run twice a day incremental symlinked backups into. And I got plenty of spare cubes for the micro gen 8 to outlast me… g they get real cheap lately only the CPU is a challange to finde, the stock CPU in this cube is not quite what one wants.

I also ned virtualisation. I did try to hand the HW Raid controller to the file hosting VM in my Proxmox trys back in 2014 or so, but there is a confilct with ILO and Proxmox that makes it impossible on this hardware,if I recall corectly they use the same Interupt or whatever, that made Proxmox a nono on the micro8 with my HW raid controller and I ended up with OMV as the host. And I have become to like it. How many NAS systems can you name that perform in a semi pro enviroment for continuse 8+ years 24/7/365 and reboots hundreds of days apart, just clicking update in the web ui once a while and with not a single screw up in the whole time? I had and have some QNAPS and Synos, both Brands did fail me, repeatedly, just recently the big QNPA hack comes to mind, only other thing that had same performacne is the Proxmox Im running on my productions servers.

So now there is a new OMV6 (well not now, its out since some time now) but I recently played with ZoneMinder and HA and so on and did run into RAM, CPU and “lots of branches moved by wind or raindrops beeing recorded” issues. Its not fun to watch terabyte of moving branches… I then played with Frigate and ran into issues having enough resources to run Frigate and ZM at same time, also had issues handing the coral through…

So I prepared the update, I copied 20 TB of data from the cube to other locations. Just in case, but even here OMV has not failed me in the past, its just precausion.

Well now I need to chose if I run the HA in a docker on OMV or if I go ahead and add KVM to the OMV (i will anyway) and then run HA as VM… same goes for all the extensions I use.

This are my current Integrations:

this is the addons list

and I take it, HACS is not impaired by a docker installation, right?

my choise now is,

  • go with OMV out of the box and add HA as
    • docker or
    • KVM VM
  • go with debian and add on OMV and
    • see above or
    • add HA to the debian host.

what do you guys think?

lots of the stuff running inside HA now would absolutly make sense runing on the host.

  • just think about the maria DB, no size limit, and nativ on the host OS, I think that would be quite a bit faster than now behind two virtualisations and with quite some restictions regarding memory right now. and the host has mariaDB anyway for its history… just like HA.

  • nginx no big issue

  • the mqtt broker, no clue, never set that one up before, but I gues there is a docker container that i could just put into the OMV docker enviroment and be hapy with it.

  • same goes with unifi network tool

How ever I need to have at least two windows VMs and one playground ubuntu, so I need to go the KVM route anyway, but I did read somewhere that the KVM VMs dont start automated after a server reboot, so I am a bit hesitant to put HA inside such a VM.

Folks, whats your thoughts?



I think it depends on you :wink:

If you’re comfortable with Docker, or want to be, then going with Debian + Docker is the way to go. It gives you the most flexibility.

If you’re not, then VM is the way.

A quick Google found me documentation for ensuring that a KVM VM starts at boot…


well, the omv guy who did the kvm integration of kvm into the OMV environment said that thing does not work, but well, we shall see…

anyhow thanks for the clarification, Ill try both ways and will report back what I found. probably will take some time.